Old Age Homes

An old age home is a place that provides shelter to those people who have no one to look after and has thrown out of their homes by their children. A home is a place that is close to a person’s heart. It is the most prized possession for a person in his life. The person’s mental health and behavior is being greatly influenced by the home in which he lives in. Everyone is surrounded by their loved ones in their own homes. The comfort a person experiences in his home charges him to face the challenges of the outside world. It helps to cherish our old gold memories of past of how we live in and the problems which we faced together still smiling and fighting with each other.  Homepage of old age homes. 

The concept of living separate from parents has been imported in India from west where there is no one to take care of aged people. first class Aged care at St George is marked as very sacred in our history but this concept is missing in 21st century. In the west, people love to live their original life style without any conditions and limitations imposed on them. But here, for centuries, we have found that there are around two to three generations used to live together and take care of their elder ones.

Women have moved out of the homes to earn the livelihood which has greatly affected the aged care given to the elder members of the family. With this downside there is a great need of increased number of old age homes is being felt with the passage of time. Today’s nuclear family is a result of increased number of old age homes. The trend is shifting from joint family to nuclear family and the system is arguing that there is an age gap between two groups. The result of this segregation can be seen in today’s scenario of world, people are suffering with mental disorders like depression, loneliness and others. There is a lack of love and affection in small children. In small ages children are sent to play group for their nurturing but they will not give them love and affection which will be provided by his grandparents and other members of his family.

In old age homes complete care and love which is lacking in the lives of the people are given to them. The incompleteness which they are facing due to separation of their children is filled with love and honor given to them at old age homes. Their daily needs are fulfilled with the donations and funds granted to these old age homes but the need of love cannot be completed in their lives.